On 2-18-2020 the ACC Group met at St Mary’s HOC. We are continuing to discuss our goals, but are waiting for the St Cloud Diocese approval. Quick notes on the different goals we are working on:

ACC Naming: March 7 & 8 and March 14 & 15 ballots will be made up to vote on one of the 4 names. We will have an “Unveiling” Mass & Social on April 16th @ St Wendelin’s Parish starting at 6:30 pm. Please mark your calendars now!

Director of Religious Education: With approval from all 5 Parishes and the St Cloud Diocese, we are moving forward with hiring 1 person to run the Religious Ed & Faith Formation programs at all 5 parishes. We will be posting the position in the next couple of weeks. With hopes to have a start date of 7-1-2020.

Mass Schedules:   As of right now it appears will be blessed with 3 priests to cover the 5 Parishes. With that being said, there will be 4 priests retiring in 2020 & an additional 5 priests in 2021. So the odds of the parishes having 3 priests is pretty low. We will have tentative Mass schedules in place, in case things change.

Communication:   We are working different ways of communication between the 5 parishes. Social Media, 1 combined 5-6 page bulletin, Website, 1 telephone system to connect all 5 parishes are the different things being discussed. We do not have a definite plan as of right now, but are looking in the different avenues we have available to us.

Each parish is represented by 2 members. Please, reach out to your Representative for any opinions or ideas. We are here to serve our parish as best we can. We all are committed to sharing all of our Talents & Treasures to make this the Best ACC Group it can be!

God Bless from the Committee: Tracy, Leann, Brad, Jerry, Mary, Tracy, Karen, Dave, Ed, Lana, Fr Statz, Fr Ron & Fr Matthew