• St Nicholas Students Confirmed May 11

    By bkraemer on May 17, 2021

    Congratulations to our newly Confirmed from St. Nicholas!  Michael Dufner, Kathy Kraemer and Matthew Schreiner

  • Congratulations! First Communion at St. Nicholas June 6th

    By bkraemer on May 13, 2021

    Trevin May and Madison Stang celebrated their First Holy Communion on June 6th!

  • Confirmation 2021 at St. Nicholas

    By bkraemer on April 23, 2021

    Here is the link to pictures taken at Confirmation at St. Nicholas. Please feel free to download as needed. Copy and paste this link:


    **It does take a minute to load.

  • Gospel Connection July 25

    By bkraemer on August 24, 2020

    Miracle scraps

    She had a wonderful time at her prom. But she couldn’t help noticing that some of the girls she knew weren’t there. Later that week she asked around and was stunned to learn the number of girls who could not afford a dress for the prom. So she and a couple of her friends talked to their moms about giving their dresses to girls for next year’s prom. A local dry cleaner agreed to be a clearing house next spring. Their three dresses were the beginning of a miracle the following spring for seniors who thought going to the prom was a pipe dream.

    It started a few years ago when a young mom with two children was seriously ill. Neighbors and friends organized to provide supper for them. They soon discovered how many other families experienced similar crises (not to mention that “food insecurity” during the pandemic was a reality in their community, as well). The local parish got involved and now a freezer in the church basement is kept stocked with casseroles, hamburgers and all kinds of prepared foods for families in need. The organizers never forget that it started with one dish of lasagna.

    It was his first semester student teaching. He returned to the dorm each night with stories of the funny things his second graders did and said. One evening he asked two of his friends if they had an hour or two to help a couple of his students who were struggling in math and reading. His pals cautiously said yes — teaching elementary school was not part of their career trajectories. But they came to the school one afternoon and each worked with a student — and never spent a more fulfilling half hour in their lives. The kids were great — and the short time they spent together made a big difference in the second-grader’s school work. That first completed math sheet and vocabulary list were the beginnings of a new after-school tutoring program organized by the college.

    A prom dress, a casserole, an elementary school reader – all pieces of “bread and fish” that become the beginnings of a miracle. Like the boy in today’s Gospel who gives the little he has, these good folks make use of the opportunities and resources they have — all simple and ordinary — to make good things happen for others in need. The community of generosity and gratitude that Jesus gathers on that plain is re-created each time we gather here to celebrate the Eucharist. We are called by Christ to become the Eucharist we receive at this altar: giving thanks for what we have received by sharing with one another our “scraps” of bread and fish — our talents, our riches, ourselves — working our own miracles of creating communities of Christ-like charity. 



  • Stations of the Cross – by Dave & Brook Stang

    By bkraemer on April 2, 2020

    Dave & Brook made a video of them praying the Stations of the Cross.  Please click on the link to pray along with them!