Christian Women’s

The St. Nicholas Chapter of the Confraternity of Christian Women was established in 1913.  Along with the spiritual support members give one another, Christian Women handle the organization and administration of our Parish Groups.  The Christian Women conduct the parish women’s quarterly meetings held at 8:00 pm on the first Sunday evening in the months of December, March, and June, and the second Sunday evening in the month of September.  At these meetings, parish issues are discussed and a representative is sent to the Parish Council.  If you are interested in joining, please call the Parish Office to find out who the current president is.


Men’s Society

The Men’s Society conducts the parish men’s quarterly meeting at the same time as the Christian Women meet.  At their meetings, they discuss issues regarding the parish and also send a representative to the Parish Council.  On the first Sunday of every month, they, as a group, recite the rosary before Mass and sit in the front pews in church.  If you would like to become a member, you can contact the parish office for more information.


Catholic United Financial

Catholic United Financial is a Fraternal Life Insurance Company that has an active council in the Parish. We have many Fraternal Benefits such as Scholarships, Matching Grants, Technology Grants, & the MinisTree Program. We also have Financial Tools for individuals such as IRA’s, Annuities, Term Life & Permanent Life Products.

For more information please call or email:

Dave Stang
cell phone: 320-469-4735
office: 320-764-5339


Parish Council

The Parish Council consist of 2 appointed trustees, 6 Parish representatives, and 1 representative each from the Christian Women’s Group and the Men’s Society.  Two parish representative are selected each year to serve a 3 year term.  The Council meets every other month.


Parish Life

The mission statement of the Parish Life Committee is:

To bring the people of the parish closer to God and each other.

The Parish Life Committee organizes events that are fun for every member of the parish.  Some of the past activities are the Soup and Supper Social, bonfires, donute Sunday, and the Soup ‘N Tourney — featuring a Bean Bag tournament.  The committee is always willing to try new ideas!  For more information, please contact Betty Lutgen at 764-2043 or Kelly Bautch at 597-3255 or the Parish Secretary.


Liturgical Committee

The Liturgy Committee is reponsible for the decoration of the church during the various liturgical seasons.


Cemetery Committee

This committee is directly involved with the maintenance of the cemetery.  Volunteers are always welcome to help with various projects throughout the year.