Cemetery Blessing on Sunday, September 23, 2018


December 1, 2010


Grave sites shall be sold only in the designated area as available by the cemetery committee.

Each site will receive a “Right to Burial Contract.” Each site will have one owner. Ownership can only change by reverting it back to the Parish of St. Nicholas.

No grave may be dug and grave marker placed without prior consultation and approval of the cemetery committee. The current representative of such committee is Dave Stang.  He can be contacted at 320-469-4735.

Shrubbery, curbing, fencing, flowers, wreathes or anything that hinders the lawnmower’s duties will be removed.

While grave sites may vary somewhat in size, it is intended for the average site to be 4.5 feet by 9 feet. The price for an active member of the Parish of St. Nicholas will be $200. Any parishioner who had their productive years in the Parish of St. Nicholas and retiring outside the parish will be able to purchase a grave site for $200 up to one year after leaving the parish. After that the cost will be $200 plus $200 for every year away from the parish up to $1200.

Any single child of a registered member of the Parish will be able to purchase a gravesite at the member price ($200).

Non-contributing members or non-members will be required to pay $1200 for a grave site and perpetual care – payable at the time of the purchase. The prices mentioned above include perpetual care of the grave sites and surrounding cemetery land. We are not responsible for any damages to the grave marker.

The owners of the grave site are responsible for any cost of opening and closing of the grave site and also the foundation and placement of the grave marker. The placement of the tombstone must be approved by the cemetery committee. The family may hand dig the grave, but any mechanically dug grave must be dug by a cemetery approved digger. Please contact the cemetery committee representative, currently Dave Stang at 320-764-5339.

Each grave site must have a permanent marker with a foundation. The foundation must be 4 inches larger than marker on all four sides not to exceed the size of the lot. “The ideals and reverence for the dead and the beauty of their final resting place” shall be a standard by which the Cemetery Committee shall judge what is acceptable.

Each grave site may contain only one casket or 2 cremations.  The cost is $200 per burial for member and $1200 for non-member. The cremation remains must be buried in a vault approved by the cemetery. Cremated remains will normally not be allowed to be buried on an existing grave.

If an owner of a grave site no longer wishes to own the site, they may sell it back to the Parish for the original purchase price. This must be approved by cemetery committee representative, currently Dave Stang 320-469-4735.

Any flowers or wreaths must be attached to the grave marker or placed on the cement foundation. No glass of any kind is acceptable. All decorations must be removed by October 15th. The caretaker has the right to remove any decoration that is no longer attractive, using his judgment.


St. Nicholas Cemetery Rules and Regulations

December 1, 2010


These guidelines the Cemetery Committee have put in place to govern the cemetery. They were approved by the Parish Pastoral Council. As a committee, we take a lot of pride in the appearance of the cemetery. Any comments, concerns or questions please contact a cemetery committee member!


The Cemetery Committee


Dave Stang (Chairman) 320-469-4735

Anita Neu 320-685-3287

Ralph Schreiner 320-764-9080

Judy Schreiner 320-764-9080

Ken Lutgen 320-764-2043